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Pure Bunkum!

Honestly, I was always bewildered about the furore concerning President Obama’s birthplace and religion. Deep inside, I know that a lot of his fellow Americans do not see him as one of their own. Whether it is because of his … Continue reading

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Rush to judgement?

It may be the curse of my training as a two-handed economist that leads me to see many things in an even-handed way: one the one hand…on the other hand. However, I woke up thinking about Rush Limbaugh! I hastily … Continue reading

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Picture this

If a picture says a thousand words, then I wish that I could draw one to describe some of the odd things that happened to public officials recently, rather than trying to write about them. But, I am no artist, … Continue reading

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Talking turkey

We are into the season of traditions. First, comes Thanksgiving; next comes Christmas. Both involve a lot of family time and both involve lots of turkey. While we are giving thanks, let’s hear a few words about what most of … Continue reading

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At whose beck and call?

When you are away from your home area, how much do you focus on what is going on there and how much do you focus on what is going on where you are? A long time ago, I decided that … Continue reading

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