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Pure Bunkum!

Honestly, I was always bewildered about the furore concerning President Obama’s birthplace and religion. Deep inside, I know that a lot of his fellow Americans do not see him as one of their own. Whether it is because of his … Continue reading

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Shock and awe

I will be one of maybe millions who will write something today about September 11, 2001, as the anniversary is celebrated. I was not in the US on that fateful day, but thousands of miles away, in a Muslim country, … Continue reading

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At whose beck and call?

When you are away from your home area, how much do you focus on what is going on there and how much do you focus on what is going on where you are? A long time ago, I decided that … Continue reading

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Going to ground over his words?

I want to tread gently on the subject of plans to build a mosque near what is called Ground Zero. The matter is bound to be controversial, given the events of September 11, 2001, and the many arguments that make … Continue reading

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