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Going to Barbados

When you arrive in a Caribbean country you feel obliged to get to the tropical pleasures–even if it is pouring with rain. Having left the DC area very early today on a warm morning, we arrived in Barbados this afternoon … Continue reading

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Give thanks

You have to remain constantly amazed at what it takes for things to work out well, and the fine line between success and failure in daily life. My first grade daughter and I were due to take a surprise trip … Continue reading

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Another one taken too soon

I had not planned to write about the untimely death of Barbados’ Prime Minister, David Thompson, but it has been hard to focus on other topics. At the tender age of 48, he died from pancreatic cancer a few hours … Continue reading

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Water everywhere but not where you need it

Whatever thoughts I had to share this morning will have to wait. When I woke this morning, the cold struck me, but so too did the sound of teeming rain. It was nice for my purposes: the yard needed it … Continue reading

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Kicking up a stink

A friend asked me the other evening if I was happier now that I was back in the US. I said that I could not really reply, because I don’t think that happiness is measured on a simple or single … Continue reading

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Come on and take a free ride

I loved the music of Edgar Winter, but that is a mere aside. So, listen to his song and enjoy the Drake and Josh video. My wife, also an economist, knows about the principles of free riding. But, because of … Continue reading

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What’s A Gray Fenty?

Today is primary election day in the District of Columbia, and in certain states. For the past week or so, my little daughter has been captivated by the placards that people have placed in their gardens or in front of … Continue reading

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