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Calm on the surface because of the paddling going on underneath

I did it again: I said that the vast majority of people in Jamaica must be quite decent. This time, I was not alone, and was agreeing with someone whom I know is very hard-thinking and often ready to criticise those … Continue reading

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The best, better and good. Not giving any space to the bad and the ugly (December 22)

I coach soccer–teaching others. I practise golf–teaching myself and being taught. For a long time, I have been convinced about the power of positive thinking in both activities. I like to end practices or training sessions on a good note: … Continue reading

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Writing does not have to be limited by where one is. A little geographical displacement may lead to a pause but is no reason to stop. Jamaica is now my home again, and I will be writing new blog posts … Continue reading

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Lenten Reflections: Forty Things I Really Like And… (Day 37)–Talk, talk

The next few days may prove very difficult for writing, so ideas without much development may be the order of the day. Discussion. It means many things to each person, but needs to happen. A space is needed for each … Continue reading

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A boy’s life

Yesterday, I was due to have lunch with my 3rd grade buddies at Bishop John T. Walker School for Boys, which is in Congress Heights in SE Washington DC. I’d promised them the previous week that I would arrive earlier … Continue reading

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Chimpanzees and squashed flies

If I invited you round for tea would you be shocked to share the pot with a bunch of monkeys and see me dipping squashed flies into my cup? Brooke Bond ran a series of televisions ads for its PG … Continue reading

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Sporting leg ends bid for fame

My father told me at a very young age that pain was in the mind–the man was a trained mental nurse, so I believed his words. I tried hard to use my mind to deal with pain–and still do. It’s … Continue reading

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