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Trader’s Friday Fun

We should all understand that foreign exchange trading is not a get-rich-quick activity: money will not fall from the sky into our laps. It’s not a game, but a business. It’s hard, but,┬áliterally could be a rewarding part of life’s … Continue reading

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Epiphany: another hard journey

Yesterday, January 6, was the feast of Epiphany. At my church, we celebrated with an evening of pot luck dining then a Eucharist service. For this same celebration last year, my family and I had stumbled upon this event, and … Continue reading

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Stepping in which direction?

As a social scientist, I am supposed to be interested in how societies work and in human interrelationships, and I am. I love taking my annual holiday with my wife and her extended and extensive family in The Bahamas, not … Continue reading

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Flights of fancy

It’s time to ‘head home for the holidays’, as they say, which means it must be time for another airport nightmare. I’ve commented before about how abysmal it is now to have to fly. What gets me is that each … Continue reading

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Why is the US Postal Service going bankrupt?

On a wintry Saturday morning, while I wait to have my breakfast, what else should be on my mind but the future of Saturday mail deliveries in the US? The economist part of my brain understands well enough that the … Continue reading

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Don’t promise what you will not deliver

I will keep this short and try not to rant. I keep getting rankled by people making promises that they then fail to keep. I am not concerned about the lofty ideals or lowly commitments that come from politicians, but … Continue reading

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You, the customer, deserve good service

The service economy is one part of an economy that most people can experience and understand. Today, I got another chance to see how it works from up-close. I had noticed that we had stopped receiving mail from about 10 … Continue reading

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