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Lenten Reflections: Forty Things I Really Like And… (Day 20)–Trains of thought

Staying on the rails. Some of my most enjoyable and memorable experiences have been on trains. I once took a train along part of the Orient Express route through southern Europe, as part of the return leg of a month-long trans-European Interrail … Continue reading

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Lenten Reflections: Forty Things I Really Like And… (Day 10)–Fares, please!

Sitting on the upper deck of a London bus. When I woke this morning, I was in a terrible state: my eyes were itching and my head was really buzzing. I had a need to do a brain dump… It … Continue reading

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Transports of delight?

Having spent a few days travelling to and from London, I could not help coming away yet again with a feeling that the use of technology is making travelling more complicated and that we are victims of so-called time-saving systems, … Continue reading

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Give thanks

You have to remain constantly amazed at what it takes for things to work out well, and the fine line between success and failure in daily life. My first grade daughter and I were due to take a surprise trip … Continue reading

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Impossibility theorem

I was determined to not write about how the Washington metropolitan area dealt with its first snowfall: the story has been written often enough that the area does not deal well with the white stuff. I also decided that I … Continue reading

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Pat Downs has no business working for the TSA

I have tried to react as a thinking traveller to the furore over the new security procedures that are being introduced in US airports. But, I will also be ready to see possibilities for absurd and silly things. One that … Continue reading

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Come on and take a free ride

I loved the music of Edgar Winter, but that is a mere aside. So, listen to his song and enjoy the Drake and Josh video. My wife, also an economist, knows about the principles of free riding. But, because of … Continue reading

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