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Lenten Reflections: Forty Things I Really Like And… (Day 33)–What price those peaches?

Markets. What else would warm the cockles of an economist’s heart? I was talking with someone the other day and let slip that I was trained as an economist. “Are you a Keynesian?” he asked. I laughed and replied that … Continue reading

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A bag full of it

In the spirit of intolerance, I have to draw this little piece of public policy to wider attention. Where I live, the local governments have imposed a bag tax: 5 cents for (paper and plastic) disposable bags, whether in supermarkets … Continue reading

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Hoodie done it

Looking in my wardrobe, I wonder what to wear. Should my choice be geared by style or by fear? A warm day, true, but would I feel good, If I put on the sweater with the big hood? What I … Continue reading

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Let’s hear it for intolerance

Once I had finished gorging pancakes on Fat Tuesday, I had to get ready for Lent. Forty days wandering and wondering in the wilderness of soul-searching requires the right gear. Sack cloth? Check. Ashes? Check. Stick? Check. Pocketful of locusts? … Continue reading

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Rush to judgement?

It may be the curse of my training as a two-handed economist that leads me to see many things in an even-handed way: one the one hand…on the other hand. However, I woke up thinking about Rush Limbaugh! I hastily … Continue reading

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In and out of the Mitt?

I am not a political analyst, but I try to notice what politicians say and what is said about them. I have been intrigued by the nomination race for the Republican Party presidential candidate. What has struck me–and others–is how … Continue reading

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Laughable? Words have meaning.

My older daughter and I were in conversation about who would be the new president of the World Bank. She had seen a report in the Washington Post over the weekend, which outlined a range of potential candidates, among them … Continue reading

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