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Exodus: movement of Jah people

Change is a great topic for writing. A good amount of it is coming into my life, but it’s not yet the time to put the many thoughts and emotions into words. I was born in Kingston, Jamaica, in the … Continue reading

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Hold your corner

I was riveted to the TV screen on Sunday evening. The Augusta Masters golf tournament was coming to a momentous close. I had just got back home. My legs ached, after standing on a pool deck most of Saturday and … Continue reading

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Trying to see I to I

Sunday morning in the church yard. Glaring sunlight. A couple of my fellow parishioners were seated on a bench; the man was wearing dark glasses. I started a conversation with the man, who told me how he was letting his … Continue reading

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Do you have the right app-titude?

Modern workers need to have something new: I like to call it ‘the right app-titude’. New technologies have changed many aspects of how they do their jobs, but the creation of apps (applications) and the widening use of smartphones means … Continue reading

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Being fifty, feeling nifty?

Saturday, midmorning, and my inner juices are now flowing at a normal rate. I had a lie in, till 9 a.m. Whoo-hoo! I stretched. I splashed cold water on my face. I did a little thinking about a few things, … Continue reading

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My ex, rugs, wok and rolls

It’s all about the Benjamins, baby. (With due deference to Dick Vitale, as March Madness nears its maddening end.) “C’mon, man! You’ve got to make money out of this thing.”…”You’re crazy! People will pay you good bucks for what you’re … Continue reading

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You are your food

The idea of your being what you eat is neither new nor unique when it comes to nutrition. I’m not going to get into a froth about organic farming. Nor am I going to get all romantic about turning urban … Continue reading

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