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Writing does not have to be limited by where one is. A little geographical displacement may lead to a pause but is no reason to stop. Jamaica is now my home again, and I will be writing new blog posts … Continue reading

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Do you have the right app-titude?

Modern workers need to have something new: I like to call it ‘the right app-titude’. New technologies have changed many aspects of how they do their jobs, but the creation of apps (applications) and the widening use of smartphones means … Continue reading

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My ex, rugs, wok and rolls

It’s all about the Benjamins, baby. (With due deference to Dick Vitale, as March Madness nears its maddening end.) “C’mon, man! You’ve got to make money out of this thing.”…”You’re crazy! People will pay you good bucks for what you’re … Continue reading

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Gaming the Olympics

If I try to be generous to American television broadcasting giant, NBC, I would say that, in their packaging of the London 2012 Olympic coverage, they are trying to save us all from undue stress and strain, and to ease … Continue reading

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Can you do without it?

I’ve noticed in the past few weeks reports that we (or at least some of us) may be moving rapidly towards a cashless society. Don’t panic: the intention is not to do without money, far from it. Sweden’s plans are … Continue reading

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A bag full of it

In the spirit of intolerance, I have to draw this little piece of public policy to wider attention. Where I live, the local governments have imposed a bag tax: 5 cents for (paper and plastic) disposable bags, whether in supermarkets … Continue reading

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Are you my type?

My good lady and my good kid were chit-chatting in our car as we did our best to conserve fuel on the way to work and school, yesterday. A truck was making a turn as we waited at a junction … Continue reading

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