Lenten Reflections: Forty Things I Really Like And… (Day 4)

Walking Samaria Gorge. The gorge is breathtaking. The distance, whether 16km or 19km, is hardly the issue. Walking on rocks, sometimes under a blazing sun, is tough…on joints, on muscles, on temper. Thirst can eat at you, as can hunger. Dates, nuts, fresh fruit, all help; water is essential. But, of great importance is the company to help each one along what seems so easy at the start but gets progressively harder.

I recall walking the gorge during the early 1980s, while on holiday in Crete. I remember having a history lesson about the German invasion, and subsequent occupation, of Crete during the Second World War, and the bitter memories still alive at the time.

I can’t remember much about the mixed group who made the trek. But, I remember vividly arriving at the coast, after the walk, and gladly soaking our feet in the warm sea. I really cannot remember whether we stayed in that area to eat some good grilled fish or we headed back to our little hotel for some feta and tomato salad–I’d like to think we did the former. I’m sure we all slept really well that night and woke up with more than a few aches and pains the next day.

Somewhere on that trip to Crete, I visited the island of Spinalonga, over which many had fought through the centuries, and which, early in the 20th century, was used as a leper colony.


‘And me, or course’ had no school today. She still had swim practice this evening, however. The kids had a series of short ‘races’ at the end, and the young lady swam very fast. Afterwards her coach mentioned that he’d been a bit confused, because she’d swum much slower in practices. He then coach gave her a few lessons in how to be a good athlete, such as working in practice the same as you would in a race so that you can get the mistakes out in ‘race conditions’. Music to my ears 🙂 She’s due to compete over the weekend.


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Professional international economist, recently retired from an international organization. I use blogging as a way of organizing my ideas and thoughts about a range of topics. I was born in Jamaica, and spent many years being educated, living, and working in the UK. I lived in the USA for a few decades, and worked and travelled abroad extensively. My views have a wide international perspective. Father of girls. Also, married to an economist.
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