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Not wallowing in it

A new friend and I decided to embark on an exercise in tolerating frustration: we decided to play a few rounds of golf. We are both middle-aged and retired. Funnily, our wives work at the same place, but do not … Continue reading

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Pause for reflection

What should you do if you see this sign? The correct answer is: Come to a complete stop, proceed when you have the right-of-way. So, children, when we cross the road, we need to look to our left and right … Continue reading

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One potato

When I think about people, I try very hard to remember that we are all so very different: finding common ground is therefore much more difficult than we often admit. I think about that a lot when I listen to … Continue reading

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Can you do without it?

I’ve noticed in the past few weeks reports that we (or at least some of us) may be moving rapidly towards a cashless society. Don’t panic: the intention is not to do without money, far from it. Sweden’s plans are … Continue reading

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