What the Dickens!

Last weekend, Michelle Singletary’s piece in the Washington Post touched on the familiar topic of overindulging children. I have nothing to add to her piece other than to wonder how parents are going about reminding their offspring how good they have it.

I was talking to an acquaintance last night at a school auction. He mentioned that he was bidding on a Nintendo game for his child, to replace the one given as a birthday present recently, which could not be found. I said “‘Too bad,’ would be my reaction.” We did not discuss who had mislaid or lost the game–it could have been parent or child. Either way, it was bought, it was lost. Buying another one does what? It’s a toy or game, not something essential. His response was “I promised to replace it.” You what?


About The Grasshopper

Professional international economist, recently retired from an international organization. I use blogging as a way of organizing my ideas and thoughts about a range of topics. I was born in Jamaica, and spent many years being educated, living, and working in the UK. I lived in the USA for a few decades, and worked and travelled abroad extensively. My views have a wide international perspective. Father of girls. Also, married to an economist.
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