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What’s my name?

If you deal with Jamaicans a lot you know that amongst their or our many eccentricities are nicknames. They have meaning, and real origins that mark a key characteristic of a person or their background. Common names are Lenky (tall, … Continue reading

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HALT! Who goes there?

I always find it interesting when similar ideas from seemingly different worlds come together. On Friday, one of my admired traders reminded the world of the need to have breakfast, snacks, dinner, etc.; he sends out this reminder several times … Continue reading

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What the Dickens!

Last weekend, Michelle Singletary’s piece in the Washington Post touched on the familiar topic of overindulging children. I have nothing to add to her piece other than to wonder how parents are going about reminding their offspring how good they … Continue reading

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In and out of the Mitt?

I am not a political analyst, but I try to notice what politicians say and what is said about them. I have been intrigued by the nomination race for the Republican Party presidential candidate. What has struck me–and others–is how … Continue reading

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Laughable? Words have meaning.

My older daughter and I were in conversation about who would be the new president of the World Bank. She had seen a report in the Washington Post over the weekend, which outlined a range of potential candidates, among them … Continue reading

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Trust your ears? I don’t trust mine. Listen well and learn.

Lent will not be a time of misery enhancement, as far as I’m concerned. Playing around as usual is fine, so long as I remember that I should be re-examining myself and my spiritual core. I do not watch TV … Continue reading

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I spent most of the day needing to be somewhere, but could never quite get there. I dropped my wife off so that she could get there early; then proceeded to school with my daughter, hoping to get there later. … Continue reading

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