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Birth rites

I have never spent any time studying astrology, or thinking very deeply about whether the day and date on which I was born affected my personality or psychological tendencies. However, coincidentally, as my birthday approached today, I found on the … Continue reading

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The right to bear arms

I am not going to get into a discussion with individual Americans, or the nation as a whole, about views concerning gun control. For me, I will just leave the image of Gabrielle Giffords announcing this week her resignation from … Continue reading

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Where are your aires and graces?

My second-grade daughter is very inquisitive, which is, of course, refreshing for her parents. She likes to read the morning’s newspapers with her mother, when they have breakfast, and has an ear open to the radio news reports. This listening … Continue reading

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Shakespeare and desserts

If you had ignored the arrival of snow on Friday night, and not let this start of a winter’s tale deter you, you would have been able to brush up your Shakespeare on Saturday evening, as the Stratford-upon-Avon bard’s plays … Continue reading

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Write on!

I had lunch last week with a friend who is a publisher-editor. We do this occasionally at one of the cheap and cheerful small restaurants near his office. We do not have any specific agenda and usually talk about several … Continue reading

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Trader’s Friday Fun

We should all understand that foreign exchange trading is not a get-rich-quick activity: money will not fall from the sky into our laps. It’s not a game, but a business. It’s hard, but,┬áliterally could be a rewarding part of life’s … Continue reading

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Who is squeezing the balls?

What do I know about playing professional tennis? Nothing, except what I see as a spectator. The professional tennis circuit has moved to reduce the impact of possibly wrong calls by officials on matches by having official reviews (affectionately, known … Continue reading

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