Simply the summer

It is the summer and the days are often hot and long, broken by periodic thunderstorms–one is just cracking overhead. However, most of this week, the weather has been pleasantly cooler, especially in the evenings.

The summer is also a time to be patient; time to reflect; time to relearn. It is also time for family and friends.

Our rising second-grader has gone off for the summer to spend a month with grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles in The Bahamas. One of our older children has come back from living in New York to live at home again, while having to study for medical school exams.

Our house has become a place of rest for visitors. First, Caribbean friends came to spend July 4 with us for our version of the Independence Day celebrations. Then, some friends (a father and son) arrived this past weekend, and their family will be complete this coming weekend. They will spend about three weeks with us. Later in the month, our soon-to-be-second grader will return. Then, many (9) of my wife’s family–from oldest to youngest–will arrive to spend time with us. By the third week of July the house will be full.

When you work from home, it can seem very unsociable to disappear to get on with your stuff. So, I will have to figure out what to do about trading. I am already trying a pattern with my days that would allow me time to trade for a few hours during the early morning (by which, I do not mean 2am, when Europe starts in earnest, but more like 6-7am when the New York traders get down to business) and leave plenty of time to hang out with visitors. I may just not trade at all–not a bad idea during the summer months, when markets are thin and sometimes very unpredictable. I may have no option but to hang up the trading platform, because I understand that my ‘office’ will be converted into sleeping quarters. I will do whatever is necessary for family harmony. A few rides on a roller coaster may give me the same sensation as a day watching prices move up and down. However, as traders know, there are more trades out there.

It will be a constant stream of meals, and washing up, and washing, and taking turns for the bathroom. Day trips. Shopping: not my sport, but one in which my wife’s family excel. I hope those weeks will be fun. Though, we may need a holiday after all the holiday makers have gone 🙂


About The Grasshopper

Professional international economist, recently retired from an international organization. I use blogging as a way of organizing my ideas and thoughts about a range of topics. I was born in Jamaica, and spent many years being educated, living, and working in the UK. I lived in the USA for a few decades, and worked and travelled abroad extensively. My views have a wide international perspective. Father of girls. Also, married to an economist.
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