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All in a day’s work

All I needed to know was that the outside temperature was going to rise to over 90 degrees and the heat index rise to over 100 to tempt me to go out and spend a little time assembling the trampoline … Continue reading

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Deal or no deal?

As the political theatre surrounding the discussions over the US’s debt limit reached new heights this week, I had to remind myself of a few things. One is that while real and substantial issues are being discussed, politicians are also … Continue reading

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Problem solving?

They say that a problem shared is a problem halved. Maybe, that rings true for personal problems, but is it really true for so-called ‘world problems’? Take, for instance, two raging economic and financial issues: the US federal deficit and … Continue reading

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Happy in the feat

Service workers have different ways of making the most of their brief contact with customers. Yesterday, the man who came to check the security system on my house did it his way. I recall that when he came a year … Continue reading

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Simply the summer

It is the summer and the days are often hot and long, broken by periodic thunderstorms–one is just cracking overhead. However, most of this week, the weather has been pleasantly cooler, especially in the evenings. The summer is also a … Continue reading

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Someone help me understand NBC’s problem with showing live tennis

When I hunkered down on Saturday to watch live tennis from Wimbledon on NBC (with its vaunted ‘Breakfast at Wimbledon’ program), I expected to see just that. After watching the women’s final–admittedly, not a great spectacle–I was interested to hear … Continue reading

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