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Technology overrun

During a good part of Friday morning, I thought about the subject that was featured in a Washington Post article yesterday, about the need to go on a digital diet. It has some excellent observations of how our social behaviour … Continue reading

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Oh, what a night?

They said it was not a normal night. It surely was not. I do not go out to feed homeless people normally. When some church friends had asked if I would volunteer to do the Grate Patrol, I said yes … Continue reading

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Sunday post

It’s Sunday, and I do not usually post blogs on Sundays. But, as a fellow trader commented earlier this week, the (time of) day should not determine your actions; if the right (or in my case, write) circumstances exist, you … Continue reading

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Can you feel it?

Well, it’s May 21, and I am still here, at least at 6.30pm, DST in the United States of America. So, let me try to be creative, while I can. I’ve just returned home after a long day of soccer: … Continue reading

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The end is nigh

Predictions from various Christian believers are swirling around that tomorrow, May 21, will be Judgement Day, and the world as we know it will end. I will not make light of those predictions, but it has been a world that … Continue reading

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Keep it simple, stupid

We know that the world in which we live is complex. Yet, much that we do need not have complexity. Somewhere in our development, especially after years of education, we come up with complicated ways to do many things. To … Continue reading

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What to tell the children

I am sure that ours is not the only household with a small child that is pondering what to do about the news of the killing of Osama bin Laden. You cannot shield children from life’s realities, but most parents … Continue reading

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