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To be a citizen

My first-born child ceremoniously became a naturalised American citizen yesterday. She is happy that the process–and it has been going on quite some time–is now over. She promises to write about her experiences: I cannot capture the ire well enough. … Continue reading

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Going to Barbados

When you arrive in a Caribbean country you feel obliged to get to the tropical pleasures–even if it is pouring with rain. Having left the DC area very early today on a warm morning, we arrived in Barbados this afternoon … Continue reading

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Dressed to die for?

From the gem closet of children’s phrase comes this story. My first grader sings in the church choir, and yesterday I was observing her wriggling around with her cassock. Her sweater was itchy, apparently, and she wanted to try to … Continue reading

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As Easter rolls in

Today is Palm Sunday, and while I do not usually blog on Sundays, I could not get to write on Saturday. I’m sure that, with all the rain and thunderstorms that hit the area yesterday, everyone who participated in a … Continue reading

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Gimme the funk!

I wont make any bones about it: I have been in a funk for the last week or so. Those who follow my blog or my comments or Twitter or Facebook will know that I have not been very present … Continue reading

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Gone in a flash

Cooking is one of life’s testimonial activities. Today, I cooked a traditional Jamaican breakfast, because my first grader had requested it last night while we were headed to the movies. The recipe is wonderfully simple. Dumplings: flour dough with baking … Continue reading

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Never give up hope

I have just returned home after spending two weeks in Jamaica, mainly spending time with my father. It was a trip that was put off several times for a host of reasons, but when I made the bookings, I did … Continue reading

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