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Is the country Irie or irate?

Just an observation. Jamaica is often known as an “Irie” island, meaning it is a no worries kind of place. The beautiful landscape and it flora and fauna, and the beaches and beautiful sea. The delicious climate. The vibrant music. … Continue reading

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I don’t want to wait in vain

I spent the kind of time on a hot, sunny day in Jamaica, that I would never wish on anyone, yet it is all too commonplace in this and many countries. My father’s car needed to have its licence renewed … Continue reading

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Take nothing for granted

I have tried to do very little over the past few days, while I spend some time with my father. He celebrated his 82nd birthday on March 24, and it was the same day that he needed to have another … Continue reading

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Away from it, for a short while

Travelling often gives chances to reflect as well as to relax. Publishing a blog while travelling is impossible without access to the Internet. For the next few days, that access is going to be very problematic–and I do not see … Continue reading

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Discipline: rules and discretion

I discussed with a very experienced trading acquaintance a series of events that occurred today. I explained to her how I had tried to be disciplined and patient–and it was a slowish day, so much of the latter was needed. … Continue reading

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Guidance systems

We are often reluctant to admit that we need guidance. After all, many of us were raised to develop a large degree of self-reliance; to be able to ‘leave the nest and fly on our own’. Learning to be independent … Continue reading

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So glad it’s Friday

Fridays are rarely the free days that the name suggests. Today, I was in a position to finish trading early. This is something that I had said I would try to do on a regular basis, but markets don’t seem … Continue reading

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