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Getting the record. Write.

One dear lady with whom I am acquainted has been telling me how much she wants to write and get her ideas out to the public. However, she is a little older than the sum of a few college students … Continue reading

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Sounds like…

I collected a set of expressions I heard over the weekend–and I did not watch the Oscars ceremony–and share them in a moment of Monday morning whimsy: “Sir says the service is all on the surface.” “Please try to stay dry” … Continue reading

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What makes it tick?

As I mentioned earlier this week when I wrote ‘Making connections’, I would get back to some of the conversation topics that struck me from being with a group of traders the past weekend. It is perhaps fitting to try … Continue reading

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Picture this

If a picture says a thousand words, then I wish that I could draw one to describe some of the odd things that happened to public officials recently, rather than trying to write about them. But, I am no artist, … Continue reading

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Making connections

Whatever we do for work, the question arises “Why am I doing this?” The question looms large if one works within an institution, and career development has to be considered along with work content. However, if you work outside an … Continue reading

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Water, anyone?

When I first noticed several weeks ago that water was coursing through a channel next to my house, my first concern was that we had had a dry spell and I could not figure out what might be the source. … Continue reading

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Letters not get confused

When we string words together, we hope they make as much sense to everyone else as they do to us. They often do not, for various reasons. I had a conversation the other day about the murkiness of acronyms: to … Continue reading

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