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In what state will the Union be left?

When President Obama begins to speak to the combined legislative houses this evening, he will do so without the direct benefit of many people’s input. If popular democracy means anything then it should include the opportunity for people to give … Continue reading

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How distress can lead to inappropriate behaviour

I had a distressing weekend. It has been bitterly cold, and my body, though it has lived in frigid climes for decades, works much better when in balmy conditions. Days and nights of temperatures below freezing point are not enjoyable, … Continue reading

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To Will

Following the dreadful shootings in Tucson nearly two weeks ago, many people have been discussing how to deal with children’s’ questions about death and disasters, especially when children or young people are involved. Honesty goes a long way, as do … Continue reading

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Winter draws on: learning lessons

I was commissioned today to write a piece. My first grader wanted the world to know how she had spent her long morning, before school started. I had hoped yesterday that I would write something about the Martin Luther King … Continue reading

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Change? Yes, we can!

I have to admit that for most of this week, writing has been extraordinarily difficult. It’s always interesting to think back to how events have their effect. This time last week I had no notion of what was about to … Continue reading

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Civil rights and human wrongs

America is having to once again look into its popular mirror. The constitutional right to bear arms has had another of those unsurprising consequences with a gunman shooting down a group of innocent persons, during no period of civil or … Continue reading

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Dumbstruck and saddened

The weekend’s shootings of Congressional representative, Gabrielle Giffords, and the killing of six other people in that attack in Tucson, have left me and many others totally dumbstruck. So many parts of life have to be reassessed, not just for … Continue reading

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