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Good wishes for another new year to come

The calendar year is ending in a few hours and we will all be older. Will we be any wiser for all that we have experienced during the past 12 months? What lessons have we learned from seeing the days … Continue reading

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Boys will be men

In many black communities, people have talked about a crisis facing the young black male. They appear to drifting into many kinds of anti-social behaviour, and have too high a profile in many violent crimes. The causes of the problem … Continue reading

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Don’t touch my Junkanoo

If you do not know the term ‘junkanoo’ then you are either not Bahamian or have never been to The Bahamas. But, during the Christmas and New Year period, little else animates Bahamians more than showing vociferously where their hearts … Continue reading

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Christmas comes but once a year, but hope springs eternal

Let’s never delude ourselves. Seasons of goodwill do not often change people permanently. Like adding sugar to something that is inherently bitter, the feelings of goodness that pervade during Christmas rarely last long. It is not unheard of for the … Continue reading

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Christmas cheer

Have times changed? It is Christmas Eve. I was sitting reading, when I heard the garbage truck pull up. The workers went on with their normal activities. “It’s customary at this time to offer them a little something.” Cash came … Continue reading

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As good as it gets

Boy! Look here. As they say in these islands. My arms–or more correctly, my left forearm–is sore from carrying around a romping 17 pound baby boy. I wont refer to him by his less-than-flattering nickname, but he’s a round bundle, … Continue reading

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‘Tis the season to be jolly…

Much as I may try, I cannot get any time to write regularly over the next two weeks. It’s Christmas, and in this family that means a lot of time together. That time is not necessarily dedicated to anything in … Continue reading

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