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Excuse me. I need to have a leak.

In an age when almost everything we do and possibly much of what we say is quickly made public, even if we thought they were private, why would anyone be surprised at the latest blooming Wikileaks scandal, with many US … Continue reading

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Driven to distraction

Black Friday. ¬†After-Black Friday¬†Saturday. Advent Sunday. Cyber Monday. Something for everyday over the past week that included Thanksgiving Thursday. All that eating and family getting together can be too stressful. It’s a period too when there’s often madness in terms … Continue reading

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Talking turkey

We are into the season of traditions. First, comes Thanksgiving; next comes Christmas. Both involve a lot of family time and both involve lots of turkey. While we are giving thanks, let’s hear a few words about what most of … Continue reading

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Let’s make that turkey trot

As Thanksgiving dinner preparations start in earnest around me, I have given up on the idea I had for writing today. Our preparations have a Caribbean feel, and the turkey is being seasoned with a lot of salt, black pepper, … Continue reading

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Pat Downs has no business working for the TSA

I have tried to react as a thinking traveller to the furore over the new security procedures that are being introduced in US airports. But, I will also be ready to see possibilities for absurd and silly things. One that … Continue reading

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I’m gone!

A church is a body of believers, and its strength comes from the solidity of the shared beliefs. So, I suffered some distress this weekend when I thought about the parish church that I attend, and whose congregation and clergy … Continue reading

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Don’t touch that junk!

One of the more intriguing stories to pass for news over the past week has been the episode of a man who refused the Full Body Airport Scanner, and was about to be patted (or “padded” as reported by some … Continue reading

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