In the pink

I’m sure that I was not the only one who noticed last week’s NFL games as being a parade. Never before has so much macho muscle and brawn been bedecked in a colour so often taken to be that more befitting females. Where was all the manliness? If you had not noticed, America’s love affair with the grid iron had turned into mass support for the fight against cancer.

Pink gloves. Pink chin guards. Pink soles on cleats. Pink sashes on pants. Pink ribbons on shirts. I did not watch many games so I might have missed some of the other outpourings. I found that the NFL pink merchandise is for sale. But, gestures like this mean a lot, and using sports as a vehicle for getting hard messages to a broader public is something that should not be ignored.

The added twist I noted regarding pushing for cancer cures was in the Washington Post today. Some of the cartoons were in pink, rather than simple black and white. I see that this was a move by King Features, which will be in all of their coming weekend’s comics (see ‘A day of pink cartoons‘.)

Power to such ventures.


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