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What to make of the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear?

I will admit to being fascinated by the rally organized today in Washington DC, by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. I did not go, but watched some of it live, streamed onto my PC. I also followed comments from friends … Continue reading

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Funny, man. Funny man.

We should always remember that all things that we find humourous is to someone’s or something’s detriment. With that reminder, I’m very interested to see how comedy is being used in current US politics. I admit that I do not … Continue reading

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The wheels on the bus go round and round

Would you choose to spend a few hours driving in a bus with about 25 first graders? I would. Would you choose to join them on a field trip to an apple orchard? I would. Would you flip out with … Continue reading

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Give us a job

I spent last Friday at an IMF workshop about the ‘unemployment crisis’, its costs, causes and cures. To do that I had to stop working–trading–and listen to other people who work as professional economists. At the end of the day, … Continue reading

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Another one taken too soon

I had not planned to write about the untimely death of Barbados’ Prime Minister, David Thompson, but it has been hard to focus on other topics. At the tender age of 48, he died from pancreatic cancer a few hours … Continue reading

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Fear of thrift

Whatever any official data may show in the US, or UK, or Europe, the recession will not be over for many people until they feel that getting a job is an easier task than it is now. Not that working … Continue reading

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Going, going, gone.

I have to admit that when I heard about the auction site, QuiBids, I was skeptical. Could you really bid on desirable but pricey items and walk away with them for a few dollars if not less? Best thing to … Continue reading

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