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When two elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers

They say in parts of Africa that when two elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers. Well, for much of the past two years, the grass has suffered as the two elephants, the US and China, have been having … Continue reading

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All around my head

I could not find a good amount of thinking space to write yesterday. I did think, but more about whether I should curb my daughter’s new found cockiness as she masters riding on two wheels. After the trauma of a … Continue reading

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Kicking up a stink

A friend asked me the other evening if I was happier now that I was back in the US. I said that I could not really reply, because I don’t think that happiness is measured on a simple or single … Continue reading

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Come on and take a free ride

I loved the music of Edgar Winter, but that is a mere aside. So, listen to his song and enjoy the Drake and Josh video. My wife, also an economist, knows about the principles of free riding. But, because of … Continue reading

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Can you hear me now?

I cannot speak for anyone else, but I am scared. I did not have to hear about government initiatives to add warning labels on cell phones in order to reduce distracted driving to understand the gravity of the situation (see … Continue reading

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You’re testing my patience

Many things interest me. But, as I look around to see if there are themes that can guide my writing, I find one that recurs: it is the seeming disregard of bureaucracies for those to whom they should be providing … Continue reading

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Taking intervening opportunities? Yes, he Kan

I have to admit to have been more than a a bit stunned by one of the storms that hit this week, that many might not have noticed. No, it was not the tornado that landed in New York City … Continue reading

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