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Working is what I want to be

Americans never get a break from what is going on in their economy. The US government and related institutions publish data on a near-daily basis, so the economic health is always under the microscope. Financial markets react to these data, … Continue reading

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Are you being served? I wonder

People love to throw their anger into what they see as bloated bureaucracy, and with that they usually mean government in its many forms.  My elder daughter threw it out over the weekend, regarding the Inland Revenue Service. I like … Continue reading

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Whether the weather affects your thinking

Having lived in England for a really long time, I did not think that the weather would be such a major topic in the US. That is until I moved to the Washington DC area. Weather and how it affects … Continue reading

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Which way to turn?

As if it wasn’t enough that she mistimed her walk to the bus stop in the morning, and missed her intended bus to work. It had to be that the next bus due was running late. The morning heat was … Continue reading

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Going to ground over his words?

I want to tread gently on the subject of plans to build a mosque near what is called Ground Zero. The matter is bound to be controversial, given the events of September 11, 2001, and the many arguments that make … Continue reading

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Disconnecting and staying very connected

Since last weekend, I have been trying to disconnect from social media such as Twitter and Facebook after Friday evening, and getting back on-stream from Sunday evenings. I do not find these services evil in any way, but they need … Continue reading

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Concern without action is not enough

A Barbadian journalist with whom I became friends over the past year was getting very agitated about policy inertia when dealing with what is seen as a national problem in Barbados, in this case, praedial larceny. The story that got … Continue reading

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