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At whose beck and call?

When you are away from your home area, how much do you focus on what is going on there and how much do you focus on what is going on where you are? A long time ago, I decided that … Continue reading

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The closer I get to you

We are in the middle of day three of four days that my wife has designated as part of her 50th birthday celebration. So far, the two evening parties have been great events. Each was very different, not just because … Continue reading

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No post today. Too busy celebrating my wife’s 50th birthday

I may share some of the events in due course, but for the next few days will focus on celebrating and enjoying friends coming from afar.

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What kind of fool am I?

What can I say about all those robots or even real people who spend their days churning out messages that sound so tempting and sincere? If you are vain, then it’s easy to be taken in by messages such as … Continue reading

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Name games

My wife’s family are all ready for some big events this week, and her birthday is one of them. But, I feel that it has to take its place at least alongside the long-awaited arrival of a new nephew for … Continue reading

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Look through any window

I would not expect much agreement on whether JetBlue’s one-time flight attendant, Stephen Slater, did a good or a bad thing when he cursed passengers on a flight recently, then flew away down the emergency slide to end (for the … Continue reading

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Left holding the baby

In the middle of a thoroughly uneventful afternoon, I created a minor event. I try to make Friday afternoon the start of my weekend and I even try to wind down my work from Thursday evening, if financial markets are … Continue reading

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